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In Memoriam

Dr. Robert Berkow

Dr. Robert Berkow, MD 1929 - 2011
Merck Manuals Editor in Chief 1973 - 2000

The Merck Manuals Department is saddened to announce the passing of Robert Berkow, MD, who died at home Friday, July 15, at age 82.

Bob was Editor-in-Chief of The Merck Manuals for 27 years, from 1973 to 2000. During his long and distinguished tenure, he published five editions of the flagship Manual, culminating in the Centennial Edition in 1999.

He also published the first Merck Manual of Geriatrics in 1990, was editor of two more editions of that important book, and introduced detailed, reliable medical information to lay people with the publication of the first Merck Manual Home Edition in 1997.

A dedicated educator and leader in medical teaching, he was instrumental in creating a Merck Manuals website in the late 1990s, offering the entire contents of The Manuals free online.

Bob's combination of professionalism, grace, and gentle good humor were much appreciated by all who worked with him. He will be missed.

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