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The Merck / Merial Manual for Pet Health
The Complete Pet Health Resource - In Everyday Language

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The one resource for a lifetime of pets.

The Merck / Merial Manual for Pet Health is a comprehensive, reliable source of information for all pet owners.

  • A focus on preventive care helps owners maintain their pets’ good health
  • Guidelines help readers select the right pets and provide a safe, healthy home for them
  • The diseases and disorders affecting all pets are covered in depth
  • Special sections address topics such as emergency care and first aid, diagnostic tests, diseases that can pass between pets and people, common drugs and vaccines for pets, and traveling with pets
  • Unmatched value at over 1,300 pages — the dog-health section alone is longer than entire books on that topic
  • Informative, original, two-color illustrations throughout
  • From the creators of The Merck Veterinary Manual — the world’s best-selling veterinary reference for more than 50 years (over 1 million copies sold)
  • Authored by over 200 veterinary experts
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